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KAM School, Kwan Academy and Music, has been growing by referrals and we have recorded thousands of enrollments since then -. See student/parent testimonials.


As parents and teachers, we realize you wish to enroll in a music school that facilitates the best music programs for your child. KAM has grown extensively through referrals as for years, our students' parents have been recommending our programs and sharing their wonderful experiences with their friends. Motivated by their appreciation, we constantly improve our programs and provide ongoing trainings to our staff to ensure we always provide our students and parents with the best music education possible. Thanks to all the parents, we have been the fastest growing music studio in Cupertino and San Jose for the past few years.


Music learning can be fun!

Kwan Music uses music to increase a child's capacity to become a creative, communicative, and committed individual with a strong sense of self-accomplishment. It is not our objective to create a school full of “Beethovens” and “Mozarts,” but to provide each student with broader range of interests so that he or she will live a fuller, richer, more complete life. It is our mission not only to help our students bloom but also to encourage a sense of growth within the music industry. Through such dedication and effort, students continue to prove our success with a variety of recognitions and music competition awards. ( See More Details )


As parents we realize you have a choice between several different music studios. However, all studios are not the same. Kwan Music Studio started 15 years ago with one private lesson teacher. Throughout the years, it continued to grow by referrals. Today, the studio has more than 20 private teachers covering many instruments, and 3 group class teachers covering classes for children from 3 to 8 years old. We now have a program for every individual's needs. We sincerely thank the parents who have been supporting our school for all these years, and we are motivated to serve them even better in the coming years. 


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